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'A great work ethic with pride and honest business practice is getting harder to find these days!’

fifer.info is a division of Fifer Equities Inc. (Calgary), an Alberta Corporation owned and operated by Neil Fifer, a Real Estate Investor (multi-family properties) for 30 years. Neil has lived here his whole life and loves the city of Calgary!

He has followed his passion for buying/selling and renovating/restoring real estate. Never taking short-cuts and doing the job right the first time. It does costs more upfront, but the savings in time and frustration of not having to re-do a project far out-weigh those initial costs.


In 1992 he bought his first property (a 4-plex), and over the years went on to purchase, restore and renovate many multi-family apartment buildings in all 4 corners of Calgary. He holds excellent relationships with his team of Trades’ people, business associates, and his valued tenants. He has maintained long-term residents in his properties (some for over 10 years), with many of them calling (sometimes after years of having been away) wanting to move back into his properties. His restoration work on these properties has seen EVERY single property appraisal (since 1992) break records for value and condition for the area they were in. And any properties sold were the highest valued property of its size in their given area. These are records he is very proud to hold.

Neil is known by (and continues to work with) past Calgary Apartment Association’s Presidents, leading Landlords in the city as well as the top producing multi-family and residential Realtors.

We hope with the photos shown on this website along with testimonials from people Neil has worked with, you will feel confident to contact
fifer.info and his qualified team for ANY work your property (residential or commercial) may require. Please review the ‘services’ tab on this website for details. Should you not see a service listed you require, contact us and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.

Thank you for finding us, and hope we can help with your property service needs soon.