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Anything stated here, we invite you to verify on the internet from independent 3rd. party articles, YouTube videos, etc.

re: airborne COVID-19 / The Corona Virus. Germs, mold, bacteria, dust mites and their feces, etc, in your home.

your in-door air quality, and what you think the furnace filter in your home is designed to do, catches debris ONLY (dust, hair, skin, etc.)!



  1. Despite filter manufacturers claims of what they actually catch, (even filters with MERV ratings as high as 12 designed to stop material as small as 3 microns) furnace filters have pores in them 10x’s the size of a virus, bacterial organism, mold or fungi spores are all the size of only 0.3 of a micron (and let’s not forget dust mites and their feces). To these health hazards YOUR FURNACE FILTER IS VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE… they pass through EASILY! Your furnace stirs up, re-circulates and even breeds these toxins into the very air you breathe. Even if your filter was able to capture them, it does NOTHING to neutralize their unhealthy effects.

  2. Electronic air cleaners (higher maintenance) may have the capability to capture such bio-hazards, but again do NOTHING to neutralize them, and when those fins are coated in dust (lack of maintenance)… they stop nothing.

  3. Air Conditioners (built into your furnace or portable units): their sweaty coils are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria!

  4. Humidifiers (built onto furnace or portable units): become a breeding ground for bacteria within 24 hours of their first use (even if the water is changed daily in the portable units).


Who is affected? Everyone! You, what do you bring home from work. Your children, what to they bring home from school or day care. Consider the elderly, the sick and people with suppressed immune systems. People who suffer from allergies, asthma, other respiratory problems. One person gets sick and everyone gets sick.


Solution: UV-C - ultra-violet light. ‘C’ is the spectrum/frequency of light that neutralized pathogens. This is the same light used to sanitize air (chemical free) in ‘clean rooms’ for hospitals, water treatment plants, etc. This spectrum of light KILLS/SANITIZES, and therefore neutralizes the ill-effects of these toxins.


fifer.info introduces the Swordfish! A VERY AFFORDABLE, yet more importantly EFFECTIVE, 100% chemical and ozone FREE, Ultra-Violet UV-C Air Treatment System. I personally have always had the Swordfish in my home for years, and I wouldn’t live in a home without one (but, I’m biased… oh wait, no I’m not… because IT WORKS!). We have installed this in almost 100% of our Client's homes.


ORDER THE SWORDFISH from fifer.info TODAY! Offer and/or pricing may change or be discontinued without notice.


A. Swordfish WHOLE HOME UVC (ultraviolet) Air Treatment System: includes: power head, 36W UVC bulb, 6’ power cord, drill bit and installation instructions, manufacturers warranty, includes 1 additional bulb ONLY $210.
B. Additional 36W UV bulb (2 bulbs for 2+ years of sanitized air) $110. 

C. Extension cords (heavy gauge). Note: the Swordfish comes with a 6’ power cord. Should you need/desire an extension cord to complete your installation: 6’ - $10 / 10’ - $15. / 15’ - $25. (may or may/not be in stock, stock varies).

Delivery within Calgary city limits IS available for $25. additional.
OR we can ship anywhere for additional (including tracking and insurance).
Installation by fifer.info is NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME DUE TO COVID-19, but is a very easy DIY installation (10 minutes).
Payment via Secured PayPal Verified Vendor Account is required in advance. Let us know what you want included in your order when you 'CLICK HERE TO ORDER!' below and we will prepare an invoice for you. A PayPal account is NOT required by you for payment.
Canada: add GST to prices.


Contact fifer.info TODAY and get Swordfish working for you and your family's health NOW!


The Swordfish power head comes with a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty (registration card included).

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