What's NEW?!

I'm Proud to be Nominated Canada's FIRST Ryobi Superfan and in turn chosen to be Ryobi Tools Canada's FIRST 'Ambassador.' I'm seen here with only part of my Ryobi Tool collection, I will be testing and evaluating the Ryobi tool line of products and demonstrate their uses through videos on the Ryobi page AND via own fifer.info YouTube page. So check in to see this GREAT tool product line in use, and how we put them to work HARD every day at fifer.info

Click the YouTube video shown to get to our page. We will be loading a LOT more videos there very soon. Thanks for checking in. 

fifer.info - proud distributor of Swordfish UV Air Treatment Systems.

Swordfish is a product we have had in our own home for YEARS, and... it WORKS!

It answers the question: 'What's wrong with YOUR furnace filter?' The answer will take your breath away! Even the HIGHEST rated furnace filter has pores 10x's the size of...

Ahh... Summer! Sunshine, BBQ's, lawn bowling, and... IMPENDING WINTER!!!

I'll bet that got your attention. Freezing winters and your garage... LET'S TALK! Don't put this off!

OK... enjoy the summer for sure, but here's a question for you. "When should you consider what to do about just how sick and tired it makes you feel getting into a COLD garage (thus somehow... an even colder feeling vehicle) EVERY DREARY WINTER MORNING to go to work?" Answer: RIGHT NOW!

Just check out the treatment this garage is getting from fifer.info. Photos for this project are on our 'Handyman' page and will be updated as the job progresses. Also, look for us (and 'like' us) on Facebook: fifer.info

NEW: furnace, commercial-grade steel entry door, all new wiring (recessed pot lights for 'art wall' - I'm big on my 'art walls!'), insulation (Roxul and blown in fiberglass in attic), vapor barrier, drywall, 150cfm ventilation fan for the vehicle space (reduce heat from the engines in the summer AND chemical/fuel fumes), attic vent added on roof, all done up to 'interior finishes!' Classy, easy on the eyes and... WARM (yet MUCH COOLER in the summer)! RIGHT NOW is the time of year to be doing this exact kind of job to turn your garage from drab to FAB!